ABC Insurance Solutions Inc.

We’re proud to say that our company has been providing quality benefit programs for three generations, to businesses and associations across Canada. Whether your business is larger or you are just starting your enterprise, our programs will provide you with a wide range of flexibility in the benefits and choices we offer.

 As an Insurance TPA we collaborate with insurers to provide unique and exclusive benefits to employers and associations across Canada, not found any where else. We design and underwrite our own benefit coverages together with insurers. The benefits we provide are exclusive to our company and are not available anywhere else.

Our offices are based in Langley, BC.  We administer plans for various associations and employers across Canada.

Advisor Network

ABC Insurance Solutions Inc. benefit plans are provided through a network of exclusive independent advisors located across the country.  Our advisors are contracted  because of their knowledge, ability and skill in the group benefits field.  They can help in choosing from our product designs,  but as well present options from other sources to find the coverage that is most appropriate for each employers needs and funding .

These Advisors have the knowledge necessary in the group benefits field, the best practices in advising about product designs and how to properly setup a benefits plan.  Their value is providing a level of knowledge to clients so they can make informed business decisions related to benefits and where the best option to provide benefits as a result.

Wellness Programs

Wellness programs are the highest demand products and critical in any group benefit plan. These can include:

Prescription Drug Coverage

Paramedical Services

Travel Coverage

Hospital Coverage

Employee Assistance Programs

Vision Benefits

Basic Dental Services

Major Dental Services

Orthodontic Services

Risk Protection

Risk benefits are the insurance elements for employees that are payable only if a certain event happens, including:

Life Insurance

Accidental Death & Dismemberment

Short Term Disability

Long Term Disability

Critical Illness

What’s Different

What make us different in the marketplace from the others players are uniqueness, flexibility and stability.

Unique plans built, designed and priced by ABC Insurance Solutions Inc.

No minimum size & no family content rules

Flexible benefits allow employees  to have different Wellness Program options on one benefit plan

Vision, orthodontic and disability benefits available regardless of firm size

Fully pooled claims & flexible benefits available

Cost-plus programs

What our Clients are saying

  • Ken D.
    “ABC Insurance Solutions Inc. has been built on honesty, integrity…. They have become a very important partner in my practice.”
    Ken D.
    Toronto, Ontario
  • Jim & Colleen L.
    “Thank you for all your assistance. You truly made it seem so simple and and understandable.”
    Jim & Colleen L.
  • Tracey D.
    “I have never had to use my disability insurance until this last year…. I was very impressed with how [your] staff… has handled my case and took care of my needs…. I am sure this quality of service and support cannot be topped by any other organization.”
    Tracey D.
  • Richard L.
    “We have had policies with [ABC] for more than 15 years. We have always been dealt with on a personal basis, not just a name and number, by the entire staff…. The new coverage that they have helped to develop is so much simpler.”
    Richard L.
  • Trudy M.
    “Thank you for all of your help and excellent work over the past 20 years…. You are very knowledgable with how benefits and RRSPs work in regard to tax implications, etc. Therefore, I’m fully confident that if any unusual circumstances ever occur… your staff are just a quick phone call away.”
    Trudy M.
  • Franz P.
    “ABC Insurance…has served me exceptionally with my extended benefits and dental insurance of many years.”
    Franz P.